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Clients I've worked with:

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Hi there, Anna here! I’m a Munich/Germany based freelance digital creative, and here to help you get the most out of your website. I’m creating user experiences that convert your website visitors to paying customers.

Get the most
out of your website.


Do you find yourself here?

Too little resources

You may or may not have tons of ideas, but for sure not the necessary resources in your company to have someone in charge for your website when it comes to design?

Too little knowledge

There’s too little knowledge about what you can actually do to improve conversion rates on your website – without redesigning the whole thing?

Too little time

You have a bunch of designers, but nobody in your team really has the time to set up a proper design system or come up with design variations for A/B user tests?

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Here's how I can support you

From Information Architecture to Wireframes to pixel-perfect UX/UI design to User Testing – I’m your girl.

Get a detailed analysis of your current website status when it comes to UX 

A/B Testing & User Interviews

First-hand knowledge about what your users actually think

Pixel-perfect webdesign that works on all important devices


To get a better overview about the strategy as well as structure of your page


Get a first glance of how your finished page will look like

Component Libraries

Ready-to-use Figma design system library for consistency within your teams

Digital creative with 9+ years experience

I used to be both a designer and webdeveloper – and that’s probably exactly what describes me best: creative and at the same time analytical. That’s not an either or for me. With my focus on UX Design I found my perfect balance!


But I also enjoy very much working offline doing silk screen prints or pottery. Beginning of 2022 I even founded my own little ceramics label. So, let’s just make it easy and say: I’m a multidisciplinary creative and always up for a challenge.

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Anna Kraus Freelance UX/UI Designer Munich

Photo Lisa Hantke

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How I'm working

Understanding the challenges & goals of your situation

The most important thing before diving right into work for me is to get a proper understanding of the challenges and goals of your specific situation. This can either be done by a written briefing, meeting/call or a proper workshop when it’s not yet defined.

Creating a concept

Next step is to come up with a concept. Depending on the depth of the project, this can be done by a concept for an information architecture (sitemap), wireframes, or actual responsive designs already. This is also the step where I like to get input from all relevant stakeholders – from development, to Marketing to SEO.

Iterating on design

Once the concept is signed off, I can start off creating responsive designs. If you have the time and resources, I usually present at least 2 options, so we can discuss pros and cons together – otherwise I’ll present my best recommendation based on my 9+ years experience with webdesign. Now A/B testing can start. I recommend at least testing designs internally with a few employees to get a bit of feedback.

Development Handover

If needed, I’m happy to create Style Guides, Component Libraries etc. (I usually work with Figma), think about micro interactions, and prepare everything for the final handover to development. Since I myself have a background in web development, communicating with developers is easy for me.

I promise, once we collaborate...

Better UX on your website

My goal is to find the best solution for your customers – having you and your (company) goals in mind. Having design principles, accessibility as well as performance in mind, I ensure that the overall user experience on your website will increase.

Increased conversion rates

Especially if we do A/B user testing with different design options, I can guarantee conversion rates will increase – because we’ll have hands-on knowledge about what your users prefer and what makes them convert to potential customers.

Better brand experience

Your website is not just “another” marketing material. Especially in today’s age of digitalisation all touch points customers have with a brand need to be convincing. I’m helping you to be on track with (or even better than) your competition.

What my clients say about me

"Anna is absolutely a pleasure to work with, because of her great communication, project management skills and of course her in-depth knowledge and experience in UX. She understands the needs of her clients very well and is keen on adapting to our communication, work style or business situation, which makes collaborating and meeting necessary (tight) deadlines or with many stakeholders smooth and effortless.


Anna's skill set combined is rare and makes her truly unique. She's a valuable and necessary asset to improving UX and conversion optimization in a digital marketing environment!"

Siyu Luo

Sr. Website & Conversion Optimization Manager

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Are we a match?

Let's find out! I'm happy to hear more about your challenges. 
Just a heads-up: I'm currently fully booked, so might not be able to jump on your project right away.

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