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How we can work together

I enjoy working with startups, grownups and young, fast-paced environments – preferrably with sustainable companies. Sounds like you?

UX Audit

I'm providing detailed UX Audits to identify opportunities for improvement in your existing digital products. The UX audits are comprehensive and include a deep dive into user flows, navigation, information architecture, visual design, and usability of your page. I'm providing concrete recommendations for actions to take based on my analysis, enabling you to create the best experience possible for your users.

Structure & Wireframes

Wireframes offer a comprehensive approach to designing user experiences. I'm starting by developing a concept and establishing an information architecture that will provide a logical structure for the design. We define the navigation to help users move through the page quickly and easily. This will be the content base that serves as the foundation for the design – ensuring that all elements are in place for a consistent, cohesive, and elegant experience.


Prototyping helps you get a real-time preview of how the design is going to look like in the end. I'm using Figma to create interactive prototypes that also already include micro interactions such as hover states or transitions that give you an immersive user experience. With Prototyping you can see the design come to life before it’s released to the public. It can also serve as a great base for implementation.


I'm offering professional UX/UI Design services for your website with lots of attention to details and micro interactions in mind. With my 9+ years of experience in both webdesign and webdevelopment, I'll make sure that the designs are easy to develop and all relevant information for the developers is at hand.

Component Libraries

Component Libraries help design teams quickly and efficiently build new landingpages. Having such component libraries ensures consistency in designs and provides a comprehensive design system that saves time and effort in the long run. With Component Libraries, you can create and launch pages or new features way faster than before.

A/B Testing & User Interviews

A/B testing is an invaluable tool for UX/UI Design, allowing you to really understand your customers and find black holes in your sales funnels on your website. Conducting proper user interviews or having real-time A/B testing definitely helps you gain valuable insights and optimize your website design. Let me help you create an engaging and successful user experience for your customers!

Conversion Optimization

Let your potential customers decide – with the help of A/B testing we can test different design variations and get feedback of your users directly. After testing we can see which version performed best, and go with the one that has a higher conversion rate. My expertise in user experience and interface design will help you save some time and get the most out of your website. Turn your visitors into paying customers.

What's important to me

Clarity & Precision

My designs are minimalistic and straight to the point. Let's cut all the bulls*t and be as clear as possible in the communication on your website.

Reliability & Transparency

You can trust my words. I'm very reliable, especially when it comes to deadlines. That also means communicating early when it comes to delays.

Fast delivery

With me you don't need to wait on results for long. I'm a very efficient person and enjoy fast-paced environments.

Holistic approach

I'm not only looking at the pixels. It's important to me to get insights from all relevant stakeholders – be it marketing, SEO or development.

Anna Kraus Freelance UX/UI Designer Munich

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What my clients say about me

"Anna is absolutely a pleasure to work with, because of her great communication, project management skills and of course her in-depth knowledge and experience in UX. She understands the needs of her clients very well and is keen on adapting to our communication, work style or business situation, which makes collaborating and meeting necessary (tight) deadlines or with many stakeholders smooth and effortless.


Anna's skill set combined is rare and makes her truly unique. She's a valuable and necessary asset to improving UX and conversion optimization in a digital marketing environment!"

Siyu Luo

Sr. Website & Conversion Optimization Manager

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Just a heads-up: I'm currently fully booked, so might not be able to jump on your project right away.

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