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Nice to meet you, stranger!

This is me: Anna, a 90-s kid in love with all things beautiful, minimal and sustainable. Oh, and everything swedish. I left my heart there in 2013 when I studied in Linköping for 6 months. My dream would actually be to have a red, little summer house by a lake somewhere in Sweden, where I can enjoy endless summer nights with flower crowns and of course lllots of kanelbullar. Sounds dreamy, right? If I could only have one meal for the rest of my life though, it would 100% be something with potatoes. Yes, I’m that german, haha.

I used to be both a designer and webdeveloper – and that’s probably exactly what describes me best: creative and at the same time analytical. That’s not an either or for me. With my focus on UX Design I found my perfect balance! But I also enjoy very much working offline doing silk screen prints or pottery. Beginning of 2022 I even founded my own little ceramics label! So, let’s just make it easy and say: I’m a multidisciplinary creative and always up for a challenge.

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Anna Kraus Freelance UX/UI Designer Munich

Photo Lisa Hantke

A little more professional...

Since 10/2016

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Since 06/2023

Freelance Interaction Designer @Siemens Healthineers

Weekly Contingent –

Since 01/2023

Freelance UX Designer @Personio

Weekly Contingent –

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What's important to me

Clarity & Precision

My designs are minimalistic and straight to the point. Let's cut all the bulls*t and be as clear as possible in the communication on your website.

Reliability & Transparency

You can trust my words. I'm very reliable, especially when it comes to deadlines. That also means communicating early when it comes to delays.

Fast delivery

With me you don't need to wait on results for long. I'm a very efficient person and enjoy fast-paced environments.

Holistic approach

I'm not only looking at the pixels. It's important to me to get insights from all relevant stakeholders – be it marketing, SEO or development.


05 – 08/2023

Freelance Lecturer for UX/UI Design

1 semester @App Akademie –

01 – 12/2022

UX Designer

schöne neue kinder GmbH –

01/2020 – 12/2021

Lead Designer

Stylight –

10/2018 – 12/2019

Visual Designer

Stylight –

04/2014 – 09/2018

Webdesigner & Webdeveloper

Webdesign München –



Dipl. Communication Design

IFOG Akademie, Munich – extra occupational study


Media Informatics

LiU Linköpings Universitet, Sweden – semester abroad


B.Eng. Mediatechnology

DIT Deggendorf – mayoring in Media Informatics

And because I like to get my hands dirty, too...

Since 02/2022

NARUKA – Ceramics & Workshops

10/2021 – 10/2023

Silk Screen Printing Workshops

Silberfabrik –

Doing pottery in the studio
Doing pottery in the studio
NARUKA Ceramics
Silk Screen Printing Workshop
Silk Screen Printing Workshop
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Enough about me...
Tell me about your project

Are we a match? Let's find out! I'm happy to hear more about your challenges. Just a heads-up: I'm currently fully booked, so might not be able to jump on your project right away.

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